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Expected price (6GB+128GB) Rs.27,999/(8GB+128GB) Rs.29,999/(12GB+256GB) Rs.33,999 Expected date to be launched June 27, 2022 Operating System Android v12 Processor CPU Qualcomm®️ Kryo™ 585 Octa-core CPU, Snapdragon 870 1x Prime core (A77-based), 3.2GHz, 3x Gold cores (A77-based), 2.42GHz, 4x Silver cores (A55-based), 1.8GHz, GPU: Qualcomm® Adreno™…

OnePlus Nord 2T

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Why Google Assistant Is Important In Our Life Now?

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Life, as you know, is pretty much complex and it is getting even more complex as you get into a lifestyle that is agile, fragmented, and extremely busy with schedules here, there and everywhere, you can easily find yourself caught in the web of demands…

Brief About Dental Assistant Gadgets

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A dental problem can give an enormous amount of pain to the affected person. Similarly, it can also ruin the smile of the person. Dentists are using new technologies to solve these problems. Let’s discuss some dental assistant gadgets, which have revolutionized it. Portable Dental…

Digital Devices Which Helps In COVID (Corona)

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By this time, everyone is aware of the COVID pandemic. There have been hundreds of variants of this virus. Some strains have also spread at a much faster rate socially. The condition has touched the lives of every individual around the globe. The condition had…

Short Essay on Personal Assistant Gadgets

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The AI is getting a big thing as more and more gadgets come in the market, here you have many things that you can deploy it for smart locks to smart ACs and more but personals assistant gadgets like Google, Alexa and Siri are quite…

Essay On Personal Digital Assistant For Future

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We always like extra help at the time of doing any work. For this reason, having a personal digital assistant is a prevalent feature that everyone likes. Just a decade ago, a personal digital assistant means a handheld smartphone-like device that use to manage your…

Short Essay On Digital Assistant Gadgets

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The idea of a comfortable life is driven by the innovation that the world is seeing, here AI is making things better and smarter and safer, you can have the best voice assistant gadgets for your homes and you must know why you need and…

How To Control Home Devices With Google Assistant

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These days, the concept of a smart house has become very popular. Currently, Google Assistant is one of the best applications that allow you to control different devices in your house remotely. As a result, you can operate most of these smart home devices with…

How Digital Gadgets Help In Corona Pandemic

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The pandemic has changed everything and you have to understand the technology has developed and how it has changed many things and in that manner, you can make sure that you as a government or an agency taking the right steps in terms of technological…