Brief About Dental Assistant Gadgets

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A dental problem can give an enormous amount of pain to the affected person. Similarly, it can also ruin the smile of the person. Dentists are using new technologies to solve these problems. Let’s discuss some Dental Assistant gadgets, which have revolutionized it.

Portable Dental X-Ray Machines

These X-Ray machines are designed for dentists. Conventional radiography units are quite bulky and most dentists often find them inconvenient. At the same time, carrying conventional radiography units to remote areas is a difficult job.

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Due to its small size, portable Dental X-Ray machines have gained popularity among the dental community. Now, a dentist can easily take this dental assistant gadget to remote locations and help rural communities effectively.

Cone Beam Computed Tomography

In the dental world, it is widely known as CBCT Scanning. Thanks to this technology, dentists can now get 3D Tomography of craniofacial areas. This gadget becomes very useful for impacted teeth, jaw pathologies, changes in cortical and trabecular bone, etc.

Most dentists use this gadget to locate condyle in the fossa accurately. The 3-dimensional representation of the jaw is very helpful to dentists and it helps them make crucial decisions before making any surgical procedure.

CAD/CAM Gadgets

Most people know CAD/CAM technology for engineering purposes. In the dental field, this technology is also providing lots of help to dentists. Thanks to this gadget, now dentists can make different dental prostheses and laboratory-grade crowns very easily. Generally, a patient needs to wait a couple of weeks for crowning teeth.

Thanks to this technology, the patient does not have to wait long for crowning. With this gadget, making durable dental prostheses is also possible. You would be surprised to know that this gadget only takes 5 minutes to carve a dental prosthesis from a ceramic block. As a result, now a patient can walk out with the dental prosthesis on the same day.

Alternative Local anesthesia delivery devices

Traditional anesthesia delivery devices are so big that they give anxiety to the patients. This type of anxiety often turns into fear and elevates the blood pressure in these patients. For this reason, a small Local anesthesia delivery device does a much better task.

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This gadget slowly releases the drug into the patient’s mouth and does not let him feel much pain. After getting a positive experience from dental care, these patients feel confident to return to the dentist for future dental problems.

3D surgical microscope

Sometimes, dentists are required to do critical surgeries on the patient. At this time, the dentist needs supervision for this task. 3D surgical microscope assists the doctor in these types of surgeries a lot. Thanks to its super magnification power, the dentist can see better and be able to do critical surgeries with ease.

This type of microscope delivers a 4.5X–28X magnification range. For critical dental surgeries, this much magnification power is necessary. Most famous dentists are also using this gadget to do critical dental surgeries.

There are many new technologies are coming to the dental field. As a result, now we can see many dental assistant gadgets in the market. Now, dentists can do their work easily without much stress. These new gadgets are also helping patients substantially and giving them better treatments.