Essay On Personal Digital Assistant For Future

Essay On Personal Digital Assistant For Future

February 24, 2022 By Admin Off

We always like extra help at the time of doing any work. For this reason, having a personal digital assistant is a prevalent feature that everyone likes. Just a decade ago, a personal digital assistant means a handheld smartphone-like device that use to manage your contacts, diaries, and other minor tasks.

In the current era, virtual assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and Cortana have taken this role. These virtual assistants help us with mundane tasks and make life easy. With the help of this type of personal digital assistant, we can control entertainment, security, HVAC, lights, easily. The evolution of personal digital assistants has not been done yet. Many experts believe that in the future we will see personal digital assistants in a sentient form. Let’s find out what type of personal digital assistant we may get in the future.

Future personal digital assistants


Honda is a renowned name when it comes to sentient engineering. They have launched the first humanoid robot in the year 2000. Many experts believe that it can be one of the best platforms that can become a personal digital assistant shortly.

This robot can walk like a human and cross any type of obstacle without much intervention. In the future, it can help us with various mundane tasks. This mundane personal digital assistant can help old people do various tasks and become personal nurses to them.


Atlas is the latest Boston Dynamics robot that has become a viral sensation on the internet. Although this robot is built for rugged industrial applications, with a few modifications it can become a personal digital assistant very easily. Scientists and engineers of this company are developing this robotic platform for regular household tasks.

Many experts believe that Boston Dynamics can change the personal digital assistant market drastically in near future. As a robotic platform, Atlas robots have already proven their capability to the world. However, lots of work is required to be done on this platform to make it a viable personal digital assistant.

Tesla Bot

Tesla is one of the popular EV manufacturers of this world and they have made huge progress in the field of artificial intelligence. The founder & CEO of this company Elon Musk believes they can use their expertise to develop the next generation robot, which will become one of the best personal digital assistants for mankind.

For this purpose, Tesla is recruiting some of the best engineering, robotic, and artificial intelligence talents. This personal digital assistant is now designed for repetitive & dangerous tasks only. However, in the future, it can replace a big section of human labor with manual tasks. Many experts believe these robots will be always with us to assist various tasks.

The evolution in personal digital assistant technology is going on at a rapid pace. Just like old PDA devices, current personal digital assistant devices that we see around us would not remain the same. Most experts believe humanoid robotic technology will take of personal digital assistant space. These robots will be our assistants and help us with different works. However, this pathway won’t be that easy, and lots of technological breakthroughs are required for this.