How To Choose A Car Video Entertainment System

How To Choose A Car Video Entertainment System

June 7, 2021 By Admin 0

Those people, who have done a long journey, understand how boring it can be. To enhance the riding experience, you need something extra in your car. Installing a car video entertainment system can entertain you during a long road trip. It will help small kids and teens to spend their time more entertaining way.

Most Car OEMs do not sell them with the car. You need to purchase and install it as additional car accessories. You can have it for both front and rear passengers. During your road trip, your passengers can use them as a primary source of entertainment. It will give them an in-flight experience during travel and help them pass time without any stress.

  • Things you need to check in a Car video entertainment system
  • Player

When you buy a car video entertainment system, the first thing you should check is the player option. All car video players are not the same. Some of these video players can be attached to your current entertainment system, while for some you need to replace your current in-built entertainment system.

Before making any final decision, the next thing you should check what video format these players can play. Some of these inexpensive players can only play videos in HD format, while expensive ones support 4k videos for entertainment.

  • Position of the Screen

There are two places you can attach the video screen. One is in the front and the second is in the rear. The front video screen is good for the front passenger; the rare screen is for rare passengers. The front passenger screen attaches to the dashboard.

However, there can be two locations for rare screens. Most inexpensive screen attaches behind the driver seat and front passenger seat. On the other hand, expensive rare car video screens attach to the roof with a flip-down mechanism. This type of screen gives the car a premium feel.

  • Size of the Screens

There are various car video entertainment systems available. Most of these systems come with 8 to 15-inch screen options. Most 8 inch screens are for the front sections and large 15-inch screens for the rare sections.

All of these screens come with their dedicated mount system. If you are not familiar with technical aspects, then it is better to take the car to a good car repair shop. There the experienced technicians will install the total system for you in the car. So, your passengers can enjoy videos on long journeys.

  • Price

There is no fixed price for a car video entertainment system. Different make and model car video entertainment systems cost different prices. Here the size of the screen, position of the screen, and the sophistication of the video player determine the price.

If you purchase branded car video entertainment system then you have to pay more than its Chinese counterparts. Branded car video entertainment system works more reliably than its Chinese counterparts.

Entertainment help people stay fresh during a long journey and Video is one of the best forms of entertainment. For this reason, you can install an in-car video entertainment system. It won’t let your passenger get bored on a long journey. At the destination, they will reach happiness and freshness.