How To Control Home Devices With Google Assistant

February 15, 2022 By Admin Off

These days, the concept of a smart house has become very popular. Currently, Google Assistant is one of the best applications that allow you to control different devices in your house remotely. As a result, you can operate most of these smart home devices with voice commands.

Just a decade ago, this type of technology was science fiction. Relentless development in technology has made this science fiction a reality. Let’s learn how these smart home devices work with Google Assistant and how you can operate them with your voice command.

Setting Up Different Home Devices With Google Assistant

Before using any smart home device, the first thing you need to do is connect it with Google Assistant. For this purpose, the smart home device must have Wi-Fi or internet connection. After turning on your home devices, you need to follow these steps.

  1. Go to the Google Home app on your Android device.
  2. Them Hit the add plus sign on the Google Home app.
  3. Let the Google Home app few seconds to find the device.
  4. Then select the proffered device from the search result list.
  5. You can assign it a nickname for easier use.
  6. Then follow the remaining instructions to complete the setup.

After connecting the Google Home app with the smart home device, you can use Google Assistant to control these devices. To control any functionality of the smart home device use different voice commands.

For example, if you want to change the temperature on the thermostat, then you need to fire up Google Assistant and tell it “Set the temperature to 70”. The Google Assistant will interpret this voice command and send a signal to the thermostat to change the temperature.

Benefit Of Using Google Assistant

Google Assistant is one such product that is designed to make life convenient. Thanks to this technology, you don’t have to walk around in your house to turn the lights on or off. You can easily do this task with Google Assistant. Now all you have to do is fire up Google Assistant in your smartphone and tell it to turn lights on or off. Similarly, you can use Google Assistant to control the HVAC system of your house.

Another important aspect that you can control with Google Assistant is home security. These days many CCTVs are available in the market, which connects with Google Assistant. As a result, you can always check what is going on in your house remotely. It gives you remote surveillance power, which was not possible a decade ago. Now, you can also use Google Assistant to control entertainment. You can connect it with your music system or TV and control them with voice commands very easily.

Google is a tech giant that had started its journey with its internet search business. With time, it has ventured into many businesses and developed many products. This company has always focused on innovation to make life easy. Google Assistant is one such product, which makes life easy in many ways. Thanks to this technology, your life becomes more convenient. Now, you can control different home devices with your voice and make life easy. It is a science-fiction level technology, which is designed for modern living.